16 тайни на естествено очарователни хора

Някои хора винаги са животът на партито. Не можете да ги вземете достатъчно и те са удоволствие да бъдат наоколо. Това, което ги прави, ги прави толкова приятни и неустоими? Разберете някои от техните общи характеристики.

Те са добри слушатели

Charmers immerse and focus themselves in what the other person is saying. They aren’t busy thinking of a rebuttal or a response. They don’t interrupt people while they’re speaking, try to dominate the conversation, or tell stories to brag about themselves. They don’t use a conversation as an opportunity to give a lecture or unsolicited advice. Instead, they make people feel like they’ve been heard and focus on what they’re saying. Everyone loves to talk about themselves